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Pretty much anything that falls into the IT realm can be managed by us. Browse our full services here.


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All the perks of Prime with additional areas of focus, concierge services, improved reporting, and managed service options.


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Invest in CpakPRIME+ to receive in-depth and proactive protection for your critical IT needs. IT Problems are a threat to the operational and financial health of your business. Our top priority is keeping you ahead of these problems instead of simply responding to emergencies as they pop up.

CpakPRIME is perfect for small- to medium-size companies who need regular IT services that vary from month-to-month.

Your choice for Microsoft-certified Tech Expertise

Cpak is a Microsoft Certified partner and ….

Cpakprime+ Options

Get CpakPRIME+ After Hour Support (After 5PM EDT Monday – Friday & Weekends/Holidays) 

Just knowing you can call if you want is a sense of control. Some things can’t wait until normal business hours. We care about your business and want you to get back to normal fast.

Organizations with dozens or even 100’s of computers have a hard time keeping them all running and up-to-date, not to mention all network appliances. We can help simply this process.

Let us help you move your business to the cloud! We can get you migrated over to Microsoft 365 cloud for email, team collaboration, and office apps so your team can work from anywhere they can find internet. We will save you time and money by making sure you receive the correct M365 edition (Education, Business, Government, even Non-Profit) and the correct license to get your team ready to focus on doing and not worrying.

Do you find your company having more and more technology needs but no-one with the know how to provide it or do you have the need for better technology direction for your company but don’t have the resources to staff a full time IT Director? Look no further than our CpakPRIME + IT Director Package. This will give you access to the professional services of a IT Director without having to fund a full time position. Obtain a seasoned director to help guide your company though the ever-changing web of technology and get a clearer path to technology success.

Add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help boost your security past a single password keeping the bad guys out. This will allow you to better control access to things like VPN and email, even web/internal apps, so you can be sure you know only the right people have access to your network. Also, included is a password manager that not only securely keeps your passwords safe in an easy to use location but it allows the sharing of logins without downgrading security. Each user gets a personal vault and the company gets a “shared” vault so you can allow different users/departments to use a login but keep the password secret. All data is stored locally and NEVER synced to “the cloud”. This allows you to control your data and not have it floating around in the cloud somewhere while helping you meet the regulatory challenges and ensures compliance for your next audit including HIPAA, PI-DSS, CIJS, FFIECC, SOC, SOX, GLBA, SOX and GDPR.

With CpakPRIME + Monitoring Cpak will install a RMM tool to cover all of your monitoring and management needs such as: 

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts management
  • IT automation and scripting
  • Patch management functions
  • Reporting and analytics

Do all of your quotes need to be on State Contract? We can help! Cpak can quote services from the State of Georgia Contract. We can monitor servers, patch systems (Window server and/or PCs), patch firewalls and give block hours to help your IT team do more. 

It’s one thing to be told you’re secure, it’s another to see it. We’ll provide the necessary documentation you need for your company’s management, regulatory bodies, or for insurance purposes. That comes standard with CpakPRIME. Do you need a better idea of what is going on in your organization? Are your machines getting the correct updates to protect you against the ever growing list of vulnerabilities? Do you know what machines/servers are old? Need more storage/RAM/processing power?  With CpakPRIME + Reporting you can know this info on a monthly basis. We won’t just email you detailed reports of your environment, we will review the reports with you and point out what you need to pay attention to in order to prevent those ‘Oh No!’ moments.

Cybersecurity is a 24hour job that needs constant monitoring. Luckily, Cpak has years of experience hardening, securing, and monitoring large networks. Stop worrying about virus, malware and ransomware shutting down your business. Cpak will deploy the latest gen security software to help protect your devices from the dark parts of the web. This product uses AI to monitor for malicious traffic and prevent threats before they can spread. We also include a password manager that will help you better manage company passwords. Rest well each night knowing your business is safe under the watchful eyes of CpakPRIME + Security.

Need extra protection for your business? Look no further than CpakPRIME + SecurityPRO. This comes with the latest gen monitoring, protection, and a Password Manager from our CpakPRIME+Security and adds a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security tool, a website filter to help prevent a computer from ever connecting with malicious sites, 24/7 security monitoring and monthly phishing threat to train staff to identify malicious links.

"In IT, every day is a new challenge - and you have to be able to adapt. That’s why we build our team to not only have the knowledge to support our customers but also a passion for technology."

cpak network architect


If you have a special IT initiative and don’t have the staff to complete it, we can step in and execute your plan. Our highly-trained staff will work with your existing staff or manage the project from planning to completion — the choice is yours!

We make quick work of your IT headaches.

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